Ruby's not the only star fish in the sea!


hello jon,

i know your feelings jon,and i cant blame you if you wont believe me!im just an angel that GOD sent you,so that you can open your eyes into the real,ruby regret very much,cause she did not get the credit card you promise her,you know what,she always ask me what kind of mobile she want to buy,..she's really waiting to your credit of now she trying to catch your trust again,she said that you are easily get fooled cause you are very inlove with her...!i just want to ask favor to you,pls keep silent so that i can be your spy forever,if you tell ruby maybe she wont tell me anymore about her boyfriends,or her plans...thanks again jon
i just want you to know that be careful to ruby,cause she just only using you,dont give any money to her,everytime she asked you...she has many american know that she off her asianeuro but she register another website like cherryblossoms...just check her...she used you cause you give her money,you know what she dont like you cause you are very old....she said that you are only a father to her...!i dont  want to ruin your relationship but this is for your own good...and im concern to everybody,i dont want you that somebody frauded you again,cause ruby tell me that your nigerian girlfriend frauded you...if you dont believed me you can talk to this man,and you can ask, can ask that man..what ruby did to are not the only one person in her list...maybe who knows you were the last person in her list...!last week her american boyfriend is DAN..and this month another american boyfriend name NICK will go here...she meet all that guy in the CHERRYBLOSSOMS...YOU CAN TRY TO REGISTER THERE..and if you still want a communication to her just be careful...and dont give money easily to her..this is not for own good...this is for you!if  you have some question you can ask me.and im willing to tell you honestly...and you know why contacted you,cause you said to her that you send credit card..and she wanted to get that...! BE OBSERVANT ENOUGH DONT GET EASILY FOOLED.
hello jhonny,

i do this cause i want to protect you,i am not do this
for my own,this is for your own good..i dont like
cheating,and when the time i heard ruby that she has
another american man,that's the reason why i told
you..cause i dont want that someone cheat you
again...the time she tells me that someone fraud
you,from your nigerian girlfriend...i am pity to
you,cause that's not good...!i dont like that all
american guy are say that filipino are fraud..i hate
that,i also do this for our nationality.!you can tell
me everything.she just only aftering your money.

dont worry jhonny,i am here to protect you..!

sorry for the late reply been busy

your angel
hello jon,
first of all i would like to say hi...
about dan,i dont know the exact date,dan stay here..but i am surely sure that last week of july,dan stay here,1week..ruby stay here 1week,they go to the samal island only dan and ruby..!and ruby go to his hotel,dan stay at CASA LETICIA hotel here in davao...!if you ask me if there is happen to them,i will surely say YES.cause dan is very aggresive person and sometimes they kiss each other in front of us...if you want to ask more,just tell willing to tell you more my friend.its my pleasure to be one of your friend...just tell dan that ruby tells you so that he can be honest with you,by the way before i forgot,dan is an english teacher in japan.
your friend,