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Is Michael Jackson a child molester?!

Michael Jackson sleeping with children?! Not sexual?! Is it possible?

Take Michael Jacksons Children away!? What about this case?

Michael Jackson! Should Child Protective Services/Department of Children's services agencies, get involved?!

Michael Jackson a Pedophile!? (pedpphilia)

Michael Jackson in Never Never land (Never Neverland ranch)


What's with Janet Jackson?


Whats this case about John Stoll?

This case involves John Stoll, Grant Self, Margie Grafton, and Tim Palomo. Accused of molesting a group of male children, over a period of several months in the middle 1980's. The alleged molestation occurred in Kern County, California, where the defendants lived. In this trial the state's evidence was almost invariably faulty, fallacious, or irrelevant. Yet this evidence was allowed to be presented in the court room. And the four defendants were convicted and sentenced to long prison terms. Since that time three of the convictions, (Margie Grafton, Tim Palomo and John Stoll) have been overturned and Self still remains in prison based on the same faulty evidence.


Jackson's attorney Mark Geragos, Stuart Backerman, Pamela Anderson, Deputy Tim Gracey of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department in California says Jackson is in Las Vegas.Sergeant Chris Pappas, Elizabeth Taylor, make comments regarding:

"Jackson surrendered to Santa Barbara County authorities on Thursday after an arrest warrant was issued alleging he committed lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14, a charge punishable by three to eight years in prison".


From Jackson's Web site:

"To my fans, friends and family:

As you know, the charges recently directed at me are terribly serious. They are, however, predicated on a big lie. This will be shown in court, and we will be able to put this horrible time behind us.

Because the charges are so serious, I hope you all will understand, on the advice of my attorneys, I will be limited in what I can say about the situation. There will be times when I cannot comment at all. No doubt, this will be frustrating for all of us.

For that reason, I have set up this website to serve as a source of official communications on my case. Any statement that does not appear on this website must be considered unauthorized.

You are right to be skeptical of some of the individuals who are being identified in the mass media as my friends, spokespeople, and attorneys. With few exceptions, most of them are simply filling a desperate void in our culture that equates visibility with insight. We will not engage in speculation. We will not provide running commentary on every new development or allegation du jour. We intend to try our case in the courtroom, not in the public or the media.

I thank you all for your support and understanding.

God bless you, Michael Jackson",

November 20, 2003
Statement After Processing in Santa Barbara

November 19, 2003
Reaction to District Attorney's News Conference

November 18, 2003
Reaction to Search of Neverland



Government Invasion of Privacy!

What's coming to America?

Satellite surveillance, police interviewing your children without your knowledge or consent, seizing your children without substantial evidence? Mandatory ID's...


CLICK ON: "WARNINGS" America in Distress!


According to my personal (religious) beliefs?

(Unfortunately) He appears to, and probably does have, an active perversion and is probably not acknowledging it, is unrepentant of it, not resisting it, and further is living in and rationalizing his sin. Therefore IF he (can) continues that way is also demonstrating that he is not under the power and chastisement of God, and therefore he most likely must be unsaved (lost) and on his way to hell- like anyone who is overtaken in a vise (be it drugs, homosexuality, murder, you name it) and is not having any victory over the flesh. We all fail sometimes, but IF we are truly saved, we come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit, we hate sin, flee from it, and continue to be repentant of it. Is that what we see here with Michael Jackson- one who hates the "world the flesh and the devil"? (I think not).

It's true that we should not judge hearts, However, we can be "Fruit inspectors". (e.g.: "By their fruits ye shall know them").

For all such struggling souls as Michael Jackson (appears to be)- we need to pray for their salvation and repentance. And always, as we consider others who may be failing, remember that- "there but by the grace of God go I".

(Scriptural advise):

"Having therefore (receiving and realizing) these promises" (of salvation and eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ), "dearly beloved" (Believers) "let us cleanse ourselves of ALL filthiness of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God".

II Cor.7:1___________________________________________________JWS




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