PRIOR: April 4 2013

I v started to write this day just my random thoughts and updates just as a venue to express my thoughts and current situation.

If u read any of this would u please give me feedback so I know if it might be of any value to anyone. Please send me an email. This is my personal account: in fact u may try my new land line for however long it may be working at 931 839 7255

right now im living near Monterey TN. my 2 grand sons Michael blevins and alex mccaw who had come to live with me have been recently taken by DCS because of my alleged negative history (2000) with my xwife maria knepper selby and the children from that marriage (Jedidiah selby, Obadiah (miller), abigal selby (cottles) christiana selby (cottles) in 2000.Further,, my son nathaniel selby and his common law wife shanka moved here last week with their 2 children.

Today I met in cookeville with the TN department of childrens services to discuss to what extent I may be around my children without such risks. They said they may not be in my custodial care, but under their parental supervision at all times.

We have 3 units here on the property. 2 cabins and a large nice camper which nate and his family are living in.

My spiritual condition is not real great right now. there were some Hispanic folks that came out a month ago that got me excited that we might finally start a community but that seemed to die that was a bummer now I got the Internet AND THATS A WORLD OF TEMPTATION TO RESIST. (all caps by accident or providence one)

I have been feeling strange lately past week or so. u can find me on face book for some pictures.

Saturday April 6, 2013

Guess for now this is also a bit of a diary. Guess IM going into transition again. Going to move or at least take an indefinite trip. This property is not going as envisioned. (been here almost exactly 2 years) I was hoping for a quiet Christian environment but it has turned into much of what I was trying to get away from. (alcohol, loud base worldly music, dogs etc. by family members). hope they will appreciate the help in establishing this- now that most all amenities are here. Hate these- where to from here situations- seems a little late in life for that- 66 now. Don't know how personal to get here- don't want to get negative on people- including myself or put personal stuff out there where the world might find it- or should i- maybe they can be helped by it? Did manage to start somekind of a community for however long it may last. So son Nate is coming and IM going for their sake and that maybe the boys can come back. its a long story. But ill say this much- which I KNOW as fact from experience regardless of what anyone says- the DCS (Department of Childrens Services) can create malicious stuff and find people guilty of whatever their evil minds come up with- ill put it that way. (Can't believe after 13 years here it goes again- now with my grand children- not that they r alleging anything regarding them but based on the past. DCS Just takes them without warning or any opportunity to make other arrangements first. They say its for the 'safety' of the kids- and then just go about creating traumatic situations for them without regard or investigation.



Packing Van for the Road. . .I suppose

anyhow not very happy with my life right now- getting old sucks too. what do I really want?. . .to be part of a Biblical Christian community.

Saturday APRIL 19 2013

Today is the 2 year anniversary of getting and moving to this land. Added Joey officially as joint owner with me of this property. Nate left for the weekend to VA for army drill and took along (grandsons) Michael and Alex;s stuff up to Bernadette's (my x their grandmother) who expects to get custody of them if the system ever stops dragging their feet. I pretty have much decided to buy a new piece of property and move end of month.

'Found this post tonight in Google regarding my daughter that I have been separated from for 13 years and wrote her this in hopes of making a connection to hopefully get to see all four of those children again- Topix'Spencer, TN 'Missing Teenage Girl in Fall Creek Falls' I wrote: Christiana- When I just found the posts of you being missing I was deeply concerned- but soon relieved to read you were found safe. I really pray we can talk at least once and that you might hear my side of the story- It breaks my heart that you are not in my life and it was wrong what they did and regardless of what anyone says or believes- I know the truth- We were very bonded to one another and I will always love all four of you no matter what. IM getting older now and and hope you read this- I would like to see and talk with you at least once more before this life is over. Love, Your Father

I have not had a link to this matter on my site for many years due to the disgrace of the issue some would put on me even though I know I was totally innocent and it was a horrendous miscarriage of justice- but maybe its time to make it public again- especially in that the children involved are now essentially adults and might find these articles and understand more fully what actually happened-(instead of only the one sided story they've heard thus far and 'God only knows- imagined what)see: "Notes on Domestic Case"

My Grandson Alex 's recent facebook to me about being in foster care- 'I WANNA LEAVE HERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE its there is no contact wit outside world except g mom and u walk IM not suuposed 2 be talking to u but i could care less AND NOW THERE SAYING I HAVE @ STAY HERE TO THE END OF SUMMER PROPOLY NO WAY Jesus O:) might wanna get me out sooner ill just keep praying I WANT TO LEAVE HERE :( :/ :'(

I wrote: thats how the system is- they donot try hard to help kids get back to their families- they make it very difficult like they WANT to keep them in their system. IM so sorry and even though there are circumstances in the past that allowed this to happen- the current situation was directly caused by that evil woman kim and Christina. and the current situation also started/ stemmed from Michael flipping out and not going with us to the hotel and then Kim starting the DCS trouble. but nevertheless IM to blame too and others-. But none of that changes wats happening and you guys being abducted wrongfully by the state. We understood that all grandma needed was to have that 'homestudy' done which we hoped would not get drawn out- shanka will try to talk to her today to see wats happening with that. hope we can keep up communications. Angie was hoping GM would be the quick fix to this too- if not we need to reconsider other plans- please try to remain optimistic and make the best of your situation- it could be worse- God see s it all and loves u but His ways are 'past finding out' be strong and keep your faith in HIM no matter wat. enjoyed our time together and hope we get some more soon. luv ya always gran pop ...Additional message= 11:31am shanca just talked to GM and said the state is dragging their feet as usual- she about made a special trip today just to push them- but she assured shanka that you guys WII NOT BE THERE FOR THE SUMMER (she will do all she can). GM will talk to u soon- again be strong and know that we all love and miss u.

Sunday APRIL 28 2013

Been in a delema as to buy property or take a trip to somewhere-tomorrow will know if I have a passort







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