From your brother in Christ,

A political candidate (and many cults) said, "I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of the world", but he never personalized it- never said he received Christ into his heart.

Many people have an "intellectual" (historical) belief in Christ and in the gospel, but never receive Him personally into their heart as their Lord and Savior. (the Roman Catholics think they do this by eating the "consecrated" wafer each week at Mass, but that is just religion, and a counterfeit form of Christianity)

I believe what the Bible teaches: that only those who call upon Jesus to come into their heart as their personal Savior and Lord will be saved. I believe this is the key that separates the "few" who are genuinely saved from out of a lost and dying world.

Im glad and am sure the Lord knows me, and that I know Him, as my personal Savior- only by the power and by the gift of the Holy Spirit, and that, by His grace I received. (John 1:12) Thank you, Lord Jesus, "thou art worthy"! Thou hast died for me.

I checked the Chick tract (enclosed) that I distribute (and that people will read so readily) to see if it stressed the "heart" and the "personal" of being saved, and much to my relief it does.

Wont you become a laborer for the gospel even in this country? ...will you give out the glorious gospel to many? hurry up! ...but not by "relationship" evangelism which may take years, and for which we have not enough time left- but by urgent evangelism: because they really have not heard- especially younger people who hear of God no more in the schools, nor do they hear the gospel on TV anymore.

Giving out the gospel to people is the most important thing in life you can do!

If you really believe the gospel, then you believe that those who do not respond to it will actually spend eternity in Hell - because thats what the gospel you believe teaches. At least one of the following reasons should motivate you to immediate action/work to give out the life-saving gospel:

1) out of compassion the Lord has given you, in gratitude for being saved and spared the coming judgment- you want others to be spared also... and out of love

2) you were commanded by our Lord to go: "As the Father has sent Me, even so, I send you"

3) we are called ambassadors for Christ and for the gospel... since God is not speaking in an audible voice from heaven, the only way lost sinners will hear the gospel is through us, by either speaking to them or by giving them a gospel tract "as though God were pleading through us" II Cor. 5:20

4) if you dont go and give out the gospel you will be held responsible for those souls (Ez.3:18) and you will have been an "unprofitable servant" with the resulting judgment (see Matt.25:30)

5) you realize that time is short before His return,when the door will be closed (Lk.13:25)

6) you want to do your part and work in His field for the gospel - for the sake of people lost and dying... then you will have crowns to lay at the feet of our wonderful Savior!

7) in appreciation for the gift of salvation...